WideTEK® 36MFS — smallest single footprint MFP on the market

The WideTEK® 36MFS solution offers the smallest single footprint MFP system on the market. Using only a WideTEK® 36 wide format color CCD scanner and floorstand with the Scan2iPF software option, the WideTEK® 36MFS enables operators to continue scanning while the printer is still printing – and WideTEK® 36´s fast scanning speeds are a good match for the Canon imagePROGRAF series printer output speeds. Why buy a fast printer if you have to wait for the scanner to finish?
Operator adjustable scanner positioning
A better ergonomical design makes the WideTEK® 36MFS the favorite of MFP operators. The operator-adjustable positioning of the scanner means that operators do not have to lean in to feed the scanner; they work from a comfortable standing position. The total footprint is approximately 60 x 30 inches with a 48 inch high scan table, lightweight and easy to move.
Canon iPF series printers are sold separately through an authorized dealer.

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