Ultrafast networkscanner KV-S5078Y

  • Exceptional scan speeds of up to 115 pages per minute (115ppm/230 ipm)
  • Daily duty cycle of up to 60k sheets
  • 330-sheet high-volume ADF capacity
  • Network capabilities (Gigabit Ethernet connector)
  • Remote central management software and built-in image processing


For offices and users aiming to scan documents over a network without the need to connect to a PC, the KV-S5078Y connects to the network over a wired Gigabit LAN connection for maximum efficiency. Sharing of a single scanner in a network will help reduce the total cost of ownership. Using the Site Central Manager, the devices are always up to date. An automatic document feeder (ADF) enables duplex scanning of up to 330 A4 sheets or A3 in one single operation. Not only that, the KV-S5078Y allows workers to quickly, accurately and simultaneously scan documents of various thickness, sizes and lengths, eliminating the need for manual paper changes or the continual resetting of margins.




Supplied with the KV-S5078Y comes a single user license (expandable) for Image Capture Plus. A perfect standalone solution and high performance capture application which includes various image processing functions, document preview for integrity purposes and the ability to adjust page order. Including an easy-to-understand user interface, making it easy to create high quality digital documents in a variety of document formats.


The KV-S5078Y creates excessive scanning speed in its segment, up to 115 pages per minute. You can switch seamlessly between manual and automatic feeding or take advantage of the Auto Rescan and Auto Preview functions to bypass inputting complicated scan settings, and to review and adjust images without having to rescan. All outstanding qualities and an industry low noise level of max 54 dB.

An optional pre/post imprinter allows swift comparison between scanned data and the original document, by utilizing the strength of the Optical Character Reading and Image Capture Plus application.

The Site Central Manager Suite means workers can centrally manage multiple
scanners over one network. Online scanning status and maintenance checks can be
conducted remotely, reducing the demand for individual operator management, and
freeing up important time and resources for use elsewhere.



One of the main service areas in the scanners are the Feeder Roller replacement. In the  KV-S5078Y, this has been enhanced to once every 700K sheets of scanning, changing the frequency and reducing the service cost by half. (Compared with KV-S5076h)/
From double-feed detection and double-feed skip functions to mechanical skew correction and staple and jam noise detection, the KV-S5078y intelligent feed controls limit time wasted on paper-feed errors.

Using a 3-line CIS scanning part, enriches the quality of the image to superiority. Making light characters clearer, enhancing the background for better recognition, detect & delete vertical lines if they are not supposed to be there and automatically adjust to ensure scanning stays sharp for both text and images

Technical data
  • A3 Desktopscanner with ADF
  • ADF Size for up to 330 sheets (80g/m2, A4) or 330 sheets (80g/m2, A3)
  • Imagesensor: CIS
  • Lightsource: LED (RGB)
  • Scanning speed
    115 pages or 230 images per minute at 200/300 dpi colour, greyscale, black and white
  • Maximum resolution: 600 dpi
  • Maximum document size: 307 x 432 mm
  • Minimum document size: 48 x 70 mm
  • Overlength mode up to 5.588 mm
  • Output Formats: JPEG, TIFF, RFT, BMP, PDF, searchable PDF
  • Output Targets: USB, Shared folder, FTP, E-Mail
  • 3 ultrasonic sensors for double sheet detection
  • Interface: USB 3.1, LAN
  • Dimensions (BxTxH): 468 x 444 x 344 mm
  • Weight: 17 kg
Image enhancement functions of the scanner
  • automatic brightness balance
  • automatic image emphasis function
  • dynamic threshold
  • White balance from paper
  • automatic separation
  • Noise Reduction
  • Auto-Preview
  • Auto-Rescan
  • Missing Color Fadeout
  • Dither
  • Error Diffusion


Papierformat/e: vk, a6, a5, a4, a3
Leistung: High Speed

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