KV-SL3056 A4 Document Scanner

The freedom to work with information the way you want

High-speed, hybrid ADF/flatbed multi-document scanners
  • Hybrid ADF-flatbed design delivers maximum flexibility and efficiency performance

    KV-S3056 Front

  • High-speed scanning at 45pp/90ipm (65ppm/130ipm for KV-SL3066)
  • Daily Duty Cycle 6.000 sheets (8.000 sheets for KV-SL3066)
  • Easy continuous scanning via ADF and flatbed
  • Multiple document scanning through both sources
  • ICP Express (Image Capture Plus Express) software with intuitive operation makes changing settings easy
  • With the two models in the Panasonic KV-SL30 Series, you can scan, share, save and secure the information in your business more easily and efficiently than ever before.

    Both models – the KV-SL3066 and KV-SL3056 – are faster, more flexible and richer in functionality than their rivals, delivering greater return on investment and lower cost of ownership for users.

    Flatbed combines with ADF in two flexible models

    KV-S3056 Flatbed

    In these two scanners, the flatbed is integrated with an automatic document feeder, meaning they can handle damaged documents, booklets, passports, ID cards, envelope and mixed-size documents easily.

    High-speed scanning

    Panasonic worked to speed up the scanning time of the flatbed, reducing it by half compared to the conventional machine (KV-SS081). Additionally, the KV-SL3066 scans at 65ppm/130ipm and the KV-SL3056 scans 45pp/90ipm, making them the fastest of all Panasonic models in the same class.

    Multiple document scanning

    Through the ADF

    • Passports, multipage documents and bankbooks
    • Mixed paper and strong card batch scanning
    • Up to three embossed cards at once
    • Long paper formats, such as EKG documents

    Through the flatbed

    • Damaged documents
    • Booklets
    • Cards, such as business cards

    Easy continuous scanning via ADF and flatbed


    Depending on the documents, you can choose to scan your documents from either the ADF or flatbed – or both. You can also opt for continuous scanning from both, changing the scanning order from one to the other in a single operation, saved as a single file.

Papierformat/e: Visitkarte, A6, A5, A4
Leistung: Medium Speed (35-70 ppm)

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