Space-saving scanning, Wide-reaching versatility,Network capability

The KV-S1037X network compact scanner delivers premium performance and space-saving design in abundance, offering scanning versatility that outdoes anything else in this scanning category.

  • The KV-S1037X can achieve scanning speeds of up to 30ppm/60ipm @300dpi in colour
  • Full network flexibility (Wireless & Wired LAN)
  • Compact body design means the scanner fits comfortably into the smallest of spaces on reception or office desks and in customer service areas
  • Uniquely in this class of scanner, the KV-S1037X offers passport scanning
  • It can also handle documents weighing anything between 20-413gsm
  • Daily Duty Cycle 3,000 sheets

Unmatched versatility

Unmatched versatility

The KV-S1037X scanner can scan paper and card weighing anything between 20-413gsm and offer passport scanning as standard. With unlimited long-paper capability, the scanners handle documents ranging from invoices and medical scripts to ID cards.

Real-world reliability

The KV-S1037X scanner is designed to meet the rigorous demands of life in your industry. This model has a daily duty of up to 3,000 pages per day and a roller replacement cycle of 100,000 pages.

For additional reliability, a double feed prevention roller system means fewer scanning delays, and faster, smoother scanning operations.

Easier operation

The KV-S1037X scanner couldn’t be easier to operate, thanks to single-touch scanning. You simply press one of the three preset buttons to scan and send the data to defined destinations.

Simple document management

With Panasonic’s Image Capture Plus technology, you can transfer scanned data to a PC in an image format. This means you can edit, switch or delete pages via a thumbnail interface. It also allows you to manage complicated scanned documents and file them easily.

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