Opportunity and Risk – Contract Management

The management of contracts is a critical business process and brings a lot of challenges. The great challenge is to organize the most diverse departments with different tasks along the entire contract life cycle. Transparency thus becomes a decisive factor for success.

The dbs|case manager contract is designed as an integrated contract management system. The contract process in the d.3ecm system creates a logical framework for organizing and controlling all contract-related activities in a completely new quality.


dbs | case manager contract advanced

The advanced edition of the dbs | case manager contract is an innovative solution for comprehensive contract management. Compared to the basic basic edition, the scope of services and comfort for professional use in the company are extended.

The advanced edition supports you in all phases of the contract life cycle, from creation to archiving. It combines the various aspects of contract management such as filing, administration and deadline management in one system. With the integrated, digital process control, all processes relating to the management of contracts can be standardized flexibly and bindingly at the same time. The process file in d.3ecm no longer only contains documents, but also tasks and conversations that are available on a long-term basis. Convenient contract overviews create transparency of the entire contract portfolio at all times and support you in contract controlling. Adapted to your individual requirements, the dbs | case manager con- tract integrates seamlessly into your working environment. In this way you create all the prerequisites for professional, digital contract management in your company.


  • Automation of processes over the entire contract life cycle
  • Fast, content-related research in the entire text or in individual text passages
  • Increased ability to provide information to contractual partners and management through complete and central availability of all documents
  • Automatic resubmission function and deadline management in an independent user interface

Technical Highlights

  • Flexible evaluation options via definable reportsLegally compliant storage in secure formats (TIFF, PDF/A)
  • Extensive DMS functions such as versioning and check-inRelease process via workflow for individual contracts
  • Can be integrated into existing applications such as Outlook, Microsoft SharePoint or Office

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