Two products in perfect harmony

The d.3ecm incoming invoice processing accompanies all incoming invoices and documents throughout their entire life cycle: from scanning, automatic reading and factual invoice verification to release and posting.

d.3ecm uses the d.3 invoice reader and the d.3 invoice workflow. Together they ensure that your entire incoming invoice process is digitized and runs fully automatically.

d.3 Invoice reader

At a glance and available to everyone with just one click

The solution for automatic invoice reading streamlines and simplifies invoice processing processes. This leads to greater transparency. This helps to reduce costs, accelerate processes, secure valuable cash discounts and increase employees’ ability to provide information. The d.3 invoice reader, an important component for professional incoming invoice processing with d.3ecm from d.velop.

d.3 Invoice workflow

Digital and automated invoice processing

The product d.3 Invoice Workflow digitizes and automates the manual processes in invoice processing. This leads to absolute transparency in the invoicing processes and faster handling of routine tasks. In this way, costs can be reduced, valuable cash discounts secured and, at the same time, employees’ ability to provide information can be increased.

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