Panasonic’s high-speed scanners come with <strong>Image Capture Plus</strong>. This software includes a variety of functions for image processing. This allows you to efficiently create high-quality image files from your PC.

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Image Capture Plus is an application that transfers image data scanned by a Panasonic high-speed document scanner to a PC in the form of an image file. This software lets you edit scanned pages (switch pages, delete pages, etc.) intuitively using thumbnail images. It also allows you to make various settings to facilitate complex scanning processes and serves as a powerful tool for efficiently processing routine business work, such as filing.


<strong>Operating Procedures That Facilitate Confirmation and Correction of Scanning Result.</strong>

The operating procedures for scan, confirmation/correction and output improve the productivity for large-volume scanning.


<strong>Efficient Scanning by Fully Utilizing the Functions of a Panasonic High-Speed Document Scanner</strong>

The software is optimized for Panasonic high-speed document scanners and takes full advantage of the many convenient functions offered by the Panasonic high-speed document scanner to achieve efficient scanning.


Using Thumbnails for Intuitive Confirmation and Editing of Pages Each page of a document scanned by the scanner is displayed as a thumbnail in a list. By dragging and dropping thumbnails, pages can be easily moved and shuffled.

<strong>Confirming What the strong>Scanned Image Will Look Like with the PreScan Function</strong>.

In the preview window, you can confirm what the scanned image will look like under the current scan settings. You can make fine adjustments to brightness, contrast and other parameters while looking at the final result, and then save the desired scan settings.



<strong>Flexible File Output Function</strong>

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Images can be saved in various data formats, such as PDF, JPEG, TIFF and Bitmap. Scanned data can be moved and saved in a selected folder all at once. Plus, text-searchable PDF and searchable PDF/A data can be generated.


ICP (Image Capture Plus) can now output to the Cloud, SharePoint Online, FTP, and applications as well as conventional folders / e-mail*<sup>2</sup> / printers as output destinations.

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Image Capture Plus, which is included with the KV-S1025C-S, does not support searchable PDF or searchable PDF/A. Searchable PDF and searchable PDF/A can be created for English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese.

<strong>Collaboration with Microsoft&reg; Office </strong>


Output formats of &ldquo;Microsoft<sup>&reg;</sup> Office&rdquo; Word, Excel, PowerPoint and RTF are added to the file types you can choose from when saving documents after scanning. Since you can easily convert documents to various types like Word file, you can drastically shorten the time required to create documents for secondary usage.

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In order to use this function, installation from CD-ROM / DVD-ROM is required.

Supported models are <strong>KV-S1058Y</strong> Series and <strong>KV-S1037X</strong> only.

<strong>The Job Scan Function Supports Repetitive Work Tasks</strong>

The unit can be set in advance to scan data and automatically save the resulting files into specified folders. Image processing functions, such as Automatic Image Orientation, Automatic De-Skew, and Multi Stream, can also be set.

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<strong>The OCR Zone Function Supports the Scanning of Standard Forms Such as Invoices</strong>


When you use the OCR Zone function, up to three zones text will be recognized while scanning and acquired as an OCR result that is used in the file name and Output Log

The Output Log is available only in Job Scan mode.

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In order to use this function, installation from CD-ROM / DVD-ROM is required.

<strong>Automatic Image Orientation</strong>

<strong>No more worries about the document’s direction.</strong>

Even when documents are set in different directions, this function detects the direction of the scanned text in documents and automatically rotates it into the correct direction.

The orientation of documents with many characters using text decorations may not be correct.

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<strong>Automatic Binary/Color Distinction</strong>

<strong>No more need to pre-sort documents.</strong>

This function automatically detects when a set of documents contains some color sheets and some monochrome (B/W) sheets. You can feed these together without sorting, and the machine will automatically compress the data efficiently according to whether a sheet is color or monochrome (B/W), so the electronic file size is minimized. This is a feature typically found only on high-end scanners.

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<strong>Double Exposure</strong>

<strong>Two-in-one convenience.</strong>

Double Exposure automatically scans then saves two-sided documents into a single-page file. It is highly effective for documents printed on both sides, such as checks, stock certificates, post cards, and business cards.

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<strong>Blank Page Removal</strong>

<strong>You can convert only the desired pages into electronic form.</strong>

When scanning a set of documents that contains both single-sided and double-sided sheets, this function automatically skips over the blank sides. It saves you time and trouble by eliminating the need to sort the sheets beforehand or remove the blank data after scanning. It also helps reduce wasted memory space in your computer.

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<strong>Automatic Crop/strong>

<strong>No more scan mistakes or time-consuming trimming.</strong>

Different sized documents can be scanned each according to its own size. This raises work efficiency by preventing size setting mistakes and eliminating the need to later crop scans to the desired size.

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<strong>Automatic Deskew</strong>

<strong>No need to make manual adjustments.</strong>.

When scanning documents of different sizes, any that are accidentally scanned at an angle are automatically corrected by de-skewing. This also boosts work efficiency by eliminating the need to worry about skewed pages while scanning.

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Für KV-S8147, KV-S8127, KV-S5076H, KV-S5046H, KV-S7097 (ADF only), KV-S7077 (ADF only), KV-S2087,KV-SL3066 (ADF only), KV-SL3056 (ADF only), KV-S1058Y,KV-S1057C, KV-S1028Y, KV-1027C.


<strong>Single pass for dual output.</strong>

The MultiStream function enables a single scan to be saved as two separate formats simultaneously. For example the document will be saved in monochrome (B/W) for OCR and archival purposes, and saved as a full color image for short term on-screen retrieval.

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<strong>Dynamic Threshold</strong>

<strong>Excellent readability and accuracy.</strong>

With the Dynamic Threshold function, the background density and color are automatically detected section by section, and the scan setting (brightness control) is automatically adjusted to ensure sharp scanning of both text and images.

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<strong>Multi Color Dropout</strong>

<strong>Convenient for OCR processing.</strong>

Any of up to three specific color ranges on the document can be selected as a dropout color. This function, when used in form processing applications, can greatly improve OCR performance and accuracy, resulting in increased productivity and potential cost savings.

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<strong>Hole Removal</strong>

<strong>Punch holes from the document are removed from the image.</strong>

The Hole Removal function removes the punch hole marks from the scanned image. Round or square black shapes around the edges are replaced with the color closest to the document. You don’t have to cover them up with tape beforehand or use image editing after scanning.

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<strong>Smooth Background</strong>

<strong>No more fuzzy backgrounds.</strong>

The Smooth Background function analyzes images while scanning for background color content, and outputs the images with the background color solidified. This increases viewing clarity and reduces JPEG output file size.

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<strong>2-Page Separation</strong>

<strong>Easily get the data you need from each page</strong>

Use the flatbed or ADF to scan 2-page spreads from books, magazines, etc., and automatically divide the single image into two single sheets*. Dividing scanned documents saves time and trouble because it makes complex editing operations unnecessary.

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Divided lengthwise or crosswise. The length of the scanned document is divided in half. The division is not based on the content of the document.


<strong>Save time by reducing the number of scans</strong>

Place various sized documents on the flatbed and scan them all at once, then crop whatever parts you need. This is convenient for scanning multiple business cards and thick documents.

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<strong>Auto Preview</strong>

<strong>Für KV-S8147, KV-S8127, KV-S5076H, KV-S5046H, KV-S7097(ADF only), KV-S7077(ADF only), KV-S2087, KV-SL3066(ADF only), KV-SL3056(ADF only), KV-S1058Y, KV-S1057C, KV-S1028Y, KV-S1027C, KV-SL1066KV-SL1056 ,KV-S1065C, KV-S1046C, KV-S1037X, KV-S1037.</strong>

<strong>No More Need for Troublesome Scan Settings</strong>

Auto Preview is a scan setting user interface that does not require technical knowledge from the user. It produces nine candidate types, and shows them in a list format. The user can select the most suitable image with a single click, and make further adjustments if desired. This eliminates the time and trouble of trial-and-error operation, and quickly and easily produces electronic documents that are clearly legible and uniform.

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<strong>Auto Rescan</strong>

<strong>KV-S8147, KV-S8127, KV-S5076H, KV-S5046H, KV-S7097(ADF only), KV-S7077(ADF only), KV-S2087, KV-SL3066(ADF only), KV-SL3056(ADF only), KV-S1058Y, KV-S1057C, KV-S1028Y, KV-S1027C, KV-SL1066, KV-SL1056, KV-S1065C, KV-S1046C, KV-S1037X and KV-S1037.</strong>

<strong>Efficient Rescanning of Various Originals</strong>

Select the image you want to rescan in the thumbnail. Then, simply click the &quot;Auto Rescan&quot; icon. The scanner will display the nine images for you. You just select the optimal image. You can replace the image without scanning. This saves both time and trouble.


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<strong>Barcode Index</strong>

<strong>KV-S8147, KV-S8127, KV-S7097(ADF only), KV-S7077(ADF only), KV-S2087,KV-SL3066(ADF only), KV-SL3056(ADF only), KV-S1058Y, KV-S1057C, KV-S1028Y, KV-S1027C, KV-S1037X und KV-S1037.</strong>

<strong>A barcode recognition function has been added to Image Capture Plus and the TWAIN driver.</strong>

Image Capture Plus recognizes barcode information printed onto documents and forms to reduce the work of document sorting. Outputting an index file of barcode information also enables linking with applications.

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The TWAIN driver makes it possible to notify applications of the recognized barcode information. In some applications, it may not be possible to use the results to be performed by the barcode recognition TWAIN driver.

<strong>Supported Barcodes</strong>

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In order to use this function, installation from CD-ROM / DVD-ROM is required.

<strong>File Naming Function</strong>

<strong>Define the File Names Efficiently.</strong>

Files can be named by a free combination of 20 items on the screen.This saves the trouble of typing complicated file names and also prevents file name mistakes.

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