FormStorm makes a simple but above all inexpensive form processing possible.

The most accurate OCR for almost all forms or documents

FormStorm Enterprise is state-of-the-art form software that includes OCR, ICR, OMR, barcode recognition, classification forms, form recognition, unstructured form recognition and invoice recognition. This reduces the amount of time needed to capture and enter data from paper in databases, costs and time.

You can use OCR, ICR, OMR, as well as barcode readings on all known forms (structured reading) or forms with different layouts (semi-structured or unstructured).

You can use the low-cost starter package to keep the size of the form low, or extend the process to any size, even to hundreds of millions of forms.
FormStorm performs the following operations, most of which are fully automated:


Scannen You can use a special scanning job or search for files on the hard disk to avoid internal waiting times. FormStorm specializes in grayscale technologies to achieve the best results for you.

Matching – One of FormStorm´s best features, seeks the best match between incoming documents and an existing template in the library. If a match is found, the document is processed. If this is not the case, the form (for example, an invoice) is processed as an unknown document. This approach balances high throughput rates and the ability to process documents without prior installation.

Editing – either using a template or an unknown form. The range of motors and the corresponding functions are extracted to the forms and the desired data. FormStorm can handle any size, even hundreds of millions.

Validierung – Built-in data validation tests are performed as part of the processing to achieve greater accuracy. Dictionaries can be linked to fields. Compared to addresses, postal databases are checked for consistency and the totals are calculated and compared.

checking – The possibility of manual data verification is provided for characters that are questionably recognized. This step can be skipped, if desired, so that the data check can be performed in case FormStorm is in another location.
Export – If your request is accepted, the data, which is in standard XML or CSV format, together with the original image, is processed, archived and can be accessed later.
FormStorm is available as a ready-to-use stand-alone, network system, or as a “motor” that can be integrated into 3rd party applications.

FormStorm is for a wide range of applications, here is only a small selection of them:
  • incoming invoices
  • Magazines and other subscriptions
  • Insurance Registration
  • Insurance Application Forms
  • Credit Card and Account Information Applications
  • mortgage applications
  • Driving licence and identity card applications
  • Voter Registration Forms&Civilian Records
  • Applications for schools, universities and university admission
  • Warranty Card Registration

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