Legally compliant email management with d.3ecm

Email management with d.3ecm is much more than just legally compliant archiving of electronic mail. Business relevant messages and attachments are read and stored centrally, securely and in compliance with the law. And all this is process-related and clearly arranged in digital files. There they are available to every employee at any time and can be integrated into comprehensive business processes, thus ensuring greater transparency and traceability in the e-mail chaos.

You can archive all or only certain incoming and outgoing e-mails in d.3ecm. Based on direct and indirect e-mail properties, d.3ecm can assign the e-mail to digital files.

E-mail more up-to-date than ever with d.3one

Today, more than eighty percent of all business-relevant correspondence is sent by e-mail. The clever, efficient handling of this enormous amount of information is a prerequisite for your professional success. d.3one from d.velop integrates seamlessly into your e-mail client as a module on request.

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