Digital files combine the documents and files (e.g. photos, films) that belong together professionally. You can find your information in an order file for a customer, in an order file for a vendor, in a personnel file, in a master agreement, or in an activity file for an insured person. Of course, there are also project or asset files in any form (buildings, vehicles, machines, etc.).

You configure your digital files in the d.3 fileplan as a company-wide content model and adapt it again and again to the needs of your organization. Records and documents can be provided with additional metadata, for example, an order or personnel number, a receipt date and the customer name. For example, simply drop your e-mail or attachments on the case file using drag and drop and the metadata will be inherited and you only need to confirm it.

Documents can be linked into any number of files in the ECM Suite d.3 without physically existing multiple times. Digital files have an unbeatable added value when they are complete. That is why we attach particular importance to the fact that all documents are stored in a file in the simplest way.
These complete digital files do not always have to be fully accessible to all users. You can use the authorization concept to specify very precisely that only certain users can view critical documents, but still need to be stored in exactly one vendor file and not in other places.

We have preconfigured structures and file solutions for your various business areas. Use this experience knowledge for your implementation project.

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