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Every day, your company receives huge quantities of documents, invoices or delivery notes and has to process them manually and distribute them within the company at great expense.

With d.capture batch you can scan, capture and archive your document mountains quickly and easily and assign each individual document precisely to the responsible employee electronically. d.capture batch is the optimal scanning solution for the capture and archiving of all paper-bound information received in the company.

Central entry

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d.capture batch captures all documents centrally so that they can then be archived and distributed quickly and easily by electronic means. Document losses are thus prevented and travel times shortened. Scanning scenarios, such as early or late detection, are of course supported.

d.capture batch has a modular structure and processes scan documents in a batch-oriented manner. In so-called stack classes, a processing chain is defined for documents of the same type (invoice, delivery note, etc.), which modules are to be used for processing the batches and in which order.

Features d.capture batch

  • Context-related menu
  • Consistent Unicode capability
  • Multistreaming support
  • Create searchable PDF documents
  • Contemporary surface design
  • User administration and assignment of rights, e.g. scanning and indexing
    Modules to different locations, groups and users

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