Extend your office application to an ECM platform

d.3one seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Office

Make your Microsoft Office environment the central information and process platform. With d.3one you can access information, documents and files in d.3ecm directly from Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Microsoft PowerPoint. Edit workflow tasks directly in the application and simply save documents directly in d.3ecm.

Edit digital workflows directly with d.3one


d.3one integrated in your Microsoft Office. With d.3one you can easily find templates that are stored centrally in the d.3ecm system and access them directly from Microsoft Word.

Working on tasks in the context of business processes is daily work. To ensure that business processes do not get bogged down, it is important that tasks can be processed quickly and easily. If you are working on a correspondence (for example, in Microsoft Word), you do not want to open another application to see if you need to approve something, for example, as part of a process

Just do it directly in the program in which you are working anyway. Open the task directly in Microsoft Word, complete the process directly and continue working.


And if you remember while writing that you still have to submit an investment application, you can of course also do this directly from Microsoft Word.

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