There are still a large number of important business processes in companies that are not or only to a limited extent software-supported and automated. Digitize these recurring business processes to improve transparency, speed up processes and increase service quality.
With d.ecs flow you can set up digital workflows in your company in no time at all. The graphical designer facilitates and accelerates the setup and control of your business processes.

Automated processes in the company

With d.ecs flow you are able to model your individual recurring processes as workflows and to control the process flow automatically. In this way you can provide the right information at the right time in the right place.

Besides modeling the process flow, d.ecs flow also offers the creation of workflow masks or forms via which the employees can participate in the process flow, receive and feed information to the process as well as control the process flow and, if necessary, break out of it.

External systems can be connected via certified interfaces. Once you have connected an external system or created a form or a form area that you also want to use in other processes or process steps, then use these possibilities of d.ecs flow and profit from a fast realization.

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