The AD120 combines a flatbed scanner with a 50-page ADF to provide a compact and cost-effective scanning solution for 25 ppm scanning at 300 dpi resolution in color/or monochrome output.

Easy-to-use user interfacefläche
The AD120 is easy to operate via the LCD display and the buttons on the control panel. When you select your destination and click the Scan button, you can scan the document to searchable PDF, JPEG, BMP, or GIF file formats and send the scanned image to a pre-programmed destination, such as email, printer, image editing software, or even a cloud server like Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, or Microsoft SharePoint. Scanning is that easy!

Compact and environmentally friendly design

The AD120 is compact and environmentally friendly because it uses CIS (Contact Image Sensor) technology, which takes up less space and uses the LED lamp as the light source. The LED lamps consume less power and are designed to last the life of the scanner. Their bright light provides true illumination for accurate color representation.

Advanced Settings via TWAIN Driver
For advanced users who want to control scan settings and achieve the best image quality, Avision’s AD120 can scan via Avision’s TWAIN advanced user interfacefläche through a TWAIN-compatible software application. Avision’s TWAIN user interface offers several useful features to improve image quality, including automatic cropping and alignment, automatic color detection, color matching, color dropout, and more.


AVScanX Intelligent Document Management
Document capture is the first step in document management. Poor image quality can cause problems later when indexing or filing the data. This drives up the workload and reduces OCR accuracy. AVScanX ensures that all documents are checked directly during scanning, guaranteeing image quality for further processing. AVScanX is an intelligent scanning and data archiving solution. AVScanX offers multiple functions to convert scanned information and make it available for quick access.

PaperPort SE 14
PaperPort is the easiest way to get stacks of paper and images into an organized form where documents can be found quickly and processed easily. Stop wasting time searching for paper documents! End the frustration of organizing and processing digital images! With PaperPort, you can easily connect your Avision scanner to your computer and edit your PDF or JPEG documents just as if you were editing paper documents on your desktop. It’s the perfect solution for your home office or small office. Save time and money with the peace of mind that your images and documents won’t be lost.
Scan with just one keystroke
Button Manager V2 makes it easy to scan your documents and send the image to your pre-selected destination application – all with just one touch. The new version of Button Manager is equipped with the innovative features that upload scans directly to all popular clouds, such as Google Docs, Microsoft SharePoint or to an FTP server. In addition, the iScan function allows you to paste the scanned image or recognized text into your text editor, such as Microsoft Word, after optional OCR processing.

  • Double-sided color documents up to a permissible size (8,5 “x 14”)
  • Scanning speed of up to 25 pages per minute / 50 pages per minute in both color and mono modes
  • User friendly control panel
  • Maximum ADF capacity up to 35 pages with 75 g paper
  • 1200 dpi true optical resolution
  • TWAIN driver provides automatic color detection, automatic cropping, correction, and threshold image enhancement functions
  • Ultrasonic multi-feed detection enables efficient scanning of multiple pages continuously
  • Scan long pages at up to 200 dpi
  • LED light source does not require warm up time
  • Simultaneous output of color, grayscale, or black-and-white images in one scan
  • Weight: 2.7 kg


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